Asbestos killed my husband

Asbestos killed my husband

He was only a child when he begunAnd he played as children do in his garden with his little cars and tipping trucks But his sand was blue asbestos … In December 1999 my husband and I were walking home from Of a game of lawn bowling when I became aware of its shortness of breath. I was surprised and worried when he told me that he had experienced it several times. Considering that this is due to the chest infection, I made the appointment of a doctor for him the next day.Chest X-rays revealed fluid in the lungs, more than two liters that was drained, giving Brian Immediate relief, but it was a tense expectation for the outcomes of the pathology. Through the Internet, I had become aware of several conditions that may have been responsible for liquid on the lung, including asbestos-related diseases. Brian had lived in Wittenoom as a child and I was afraid of his diagnosis. Not wanting to worry him unnecessarily, I did not speak of my fears.

I pray that he had pleurisy or pneumonia, but the results of pathology revealed that there were cancer cells present.When Brian finally received his diagnosis, my worst nightmare became reality. He had pleural mesothelioma, a terminal cancer of the lung caused by inhalation of asbestos dust. We found it inconceivable that the disease was the result of Brian inhalation of asbestos dust as a child and that he had slept for forty-five years before becoming lethal.We were still in shock when, without Preamble, the young doctor gave his prognosis. His exact words were “three to nine months, I think.” That he could not say what surprised me so unsightly. His total lack of compassion did not encourage even the small comfort of tears. I felt as if Brian and I had been shot and left from that moment as we waited to drop.Undoubtedly, were mortally wounded. We suffered a shock, disbelief, anger, helplessness and despair, in fact, all the symptoms of pain when one feels a loved one actually died. Suddenly we had no control over our lives, our journey through the terminal illness had begun.

Throughout the course of our married life my deep love for Brian and my resolve to solve the difficulties that allowed us to To go through the ordeals. I found it hard to believe that nothing could be done to save his life and started surfing the Internet with information about mesothelioma, all the time praying for a miracle, hoping against any hope of finding a doctor who had Operated successfully or heal someone from it. It was a sad fact to find out that for Brian there were no miracles, but I learned a lot and he helped me to accept that he was going to die. With my acceptance came a fierce determination to relieve his burden. I kept looking for information about mesothelioma and pain and symptoms Brian would experience, due to the progression of his illness. In this way I came to understand the importance of pain management and symptoms and I realized that although I could not stop Brian from dying – I could help him live.

My knowledge gained on Pain and symptoms that allowed me to communicate with Brian and understand the type of pain he was experiencing and the intensity of this pain. I was then able to work hand in hand with his doctors, bringing his pain and symptoms under control. As my efforts resulted in his improved quality of life, I lost my sense of helplessness and gained strength.Together, we realized for Brian, a quality of life little thought possible, given the nature of His illness. Testament to this, despite his prognosis of three to nine months, Brian survived for 2 years, remained active and alert, drove his car for eighteen months after diagnosis and was not bedridden for three days Hardly before his death.Brian brave fight against mesothelioma ended on December 24, 2001; He died at home surrounded by his relatives. He was 54 years old

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